• 01.Company listed in NEEQ

    Company listed in neeq,has the good prestige and good ability,assure every orders&entrust of customers  be finished efficiently on time,Shandong Minghui New Materials Co.,Ltd and Shandong Minghui Food Co.,Ltd are the wholly owned subsidiaries of Mingda company,which  enlarge company’s comprehensive competitiveness  (Stock Code:870316)

  • 02.The complete industry chain layout

    The complete industry chain layout, start from the sulphuric acid, produce industrial-grade sulfuric acid, food grade sulfuric acid, Sulfamic acid,cyanuric acid,ammonium sulfate,AK,chlorosulfonic acid and chlorinated paraffin etc. the complete industrial chain,control effectively the yield of production, reduce the cost of production.

  • 03.The complete government license files

    The complete production license files,safety production management system and environmental assessment documents of approval

  • 04.Complete testing equipment,testing equipment

    Complete, high performance quality testing equipments and related testing instruments

  • 05.Independent import,export license,professional

    Company has independent import and export license, and has direct affiliated branch in Qingdao city, which have professional export sales team, effectively stand in line with international marketing, and service to the international customers in best

  • 06.Perfect transport & after-sales service system

    Perfect transportation service and after-sale service system.We cooperate with professional dangerous goods transportation team which be signed a long agreement, all containers of goods be loaded in own factory, ensure safe and effective execution of customer’s orders



Shandong Mingda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2005, in May 2021 settled in chemical industry park, covers an area of 360 acres, a total investment of 1 billion RMB, the existing staff of more than 300, including professional and technical personnel and senior planning and management personnel more than 150.

Mingda Chemical listed in Beijing successfully on NOV.,2016,Stock No.:870316.Mingda has 32 independent intellectual property rights, is an important innovation and transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise, is a large scale in the same industry, leading process technology sulfuric acid and derivatives production enterprises. It has more than ten sets of production facilities, mainly producing sulfuric acid, sulfur trioxide, sulfamic acid, chlorinated paraffin,Chlorosulfonic acid, cyanuric acid, ammonium sulfate, food additive sulfuric acid, potassium sulfate, aluminum trichloride, magnesium sulfate, AK,hydrochloricacid,sodium hypochlorite and many other products. It belongs to the high-end chemical industry among the "Top 10" industries in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province.




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